The Best Trendline Methods
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After researching forex trendline methods for over a decade, I am convinced Andrews’ forex trendline methods are the best you will ever see. The correlations to the markets which can be found using other trendline methods are only intermittent. Other trendline methods will correlate to the markets enough to catch your eye but not enough to make profits trading. In my opinion, the Alan Andrews trendline methods have the highest correlation to market movements of any trendline methods and can be used as the foundation of a profitable trading method.

This forex book was designed to have unique content which would not be found in any other book on a trader’s book shelf. I believe this book has succeeded well in doing just that. Over the past ten yeas there have been almost no books published which are devoted exclusively to trendline methods and I have never seen a book devoted exclusively to exploring Alan Andrews’ trendline methods.

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