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Forex News Loader
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Forex News Loader is a tool that automatically updates every economic news in real time with detailed information from several online data sources. It uses the unique technology to load data with full details from popular Forex websites. An alert will be sent to your mobile/email before an upcoming news release. Moreover, it also marks the news release points on the chart for further review and research.


In Forex trading, news is one of the important factors that move the market. Sticking with news information will help you to have better trading decisions, or even trading right at the news if you are a news trader.


With this tool, a whole press center is loaded into your MT4 now.



Highlight Features:


  • - Support multi-data sources: at the current version, it supports,, etc. (may add more in the future).
  • - News are loaded with full detailed information (explanation, effect, frequency, etc.).
  • - Real-time update of the actual report data and the remaining time of the news.
  • - Refresh the data manually whenever you want.
  • - Filtering types of news to be displayed (impact, currency, ...).
  • - Alert before an upcoming news release.
  • - No alert in midnight time (local time) to keep silent while you are sleeping.
  • - Send notification to your mobile and/or email before an upcoming news release.
  • - Show the news release points on the chart.
  • - Very professional and flexible interface (Windows-like style: allows you to drag, resize, maximize and minimize the panel).

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